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Soleil Spa Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Club
Soleil Spa Palm
Aire Resort
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Redefining the image to offer contemporary refinement, Soleil Spa continues to serve in the same manner distinguished by the past, only in new excellence. Soleil Spa offers a variety of healthful and harmonizing services providing a comprehensive selection of skin, nail, and body care treatments. We provide a complete line of exclusive European products and supreme personal service. Come indulge in a transformative experience for the body, mind and spirit.
Soleil Spa Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Club

Soleil Spa Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Club

Situated within the Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Club, this boutique-style spa offers the perfect Atlantic coast getaway.

Soleil Spa Palm Aire Resort

Soleil Spa Palm Aire Resort

This 6,000 square-foot Spa is located in the Royal Palm building within the Palm Aire Resort.

Ultimate Vichy Glow

Ultimate Vichy Glow

Recline under our signature Vichy shower where numerous showerheads provide a fine massage combined with the therapists artful movements to mimic the natural flow of water along your body. Service includes a special scrub to bring smoother and rejuvenated skin.



This treatment in the far-infrared wave capsule will beautify your skin by increasing blood circulation to carry greater amounts of nutrients to the skin's surface, thus promoting a healthy tone and texture. By promoting better blood circulation, you help your body get rid of toxins...


The Gift of Time

Soleil Spa

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Mother's Day



Happy Mother's Day!

The one day out of the year to celebrate Mothers all day is upon us yet again and that means two things...

1 -  The realization that a mother's kindness can never be fully repaid dawns on us

2 - We all scramble to give our mothers the very things they unconditionally have given us over the years

This year, treat your mom to a day at Soleil Spa with the gift of time. Provide her with the time to refresh and disconnect from her...

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Smoothie of the Month

Soleil Spa-Fitness Instructor

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Dairy-Free SmoothieSweet and creamy with an exotic twist off of a receipe introduced by the Food Network, this dairy-free smoothie can not only serve as a light dessert, but it can also produce high enery levels...& let's face it, who doesn't need energy boosts in this busy world!?!
Banana, spinach leaves, and cashews create the smooth base, while dates add a sweet caramel-like flavor. With just the right touch of vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, the drink brings out an irresistible fragrance. Unlike almonds or any other nut, cashews create no pulp when blended, instead producing a velvety consistency that gives the smoothie the feel of a dessert, minus the guilt.

For best flavor and texture, be sure to use moist and soft Medjool dates. Cardamom...
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